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Fertilizing Aquarium Plants

Hello Cannon...

You've likely found these Seachem products are pretty pricey. If you have a small tank, then the price probably isn't an issue. But, if you have multiple tanks, the cost to fertilize your plants can be pretty high.

Plants just need two kinds of nutrients Macro and Micro. The Macro are easy. Those are provided by routine water changes and the fish in the tank. So, that leaves the Micro type like iron, manganese, zinc and some others. Anyway, I only dose the Micro nutrients. There are a number of liquids on the market that provide those. I like a brand called "Earth Juice Microblast". I dose about 5 ml a couple of times a week and my plants are very healthy.

The fert is very inexpensive compared to the Seachem product.

As always, just one old "water keeper's" opinion.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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