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Flourish question

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My father bought me a bottle of Seachem Flourish (8.5 fl oz) and I was wondering do I really need to add this to the water. I was wondering if I should continue using API Leaf Zone until I have more plants. I feel more comfortable using LZ then SF because I have had it longer and its easier to measure the liquid then the SF. Also for the SF it saids to use a capful for each 250L (60 gallons) but my tank is only a 29g. How much would I really be using if one capful is 5mL? (My math is horrible when it comes to measuring stuff :hihi: :help: ) Do I really need to dose my three plants? Right now I am only dosing every week or two and I am using LZ. By the way both vallisneria have started to sprout. Both have older leaves that are starting to die but new ones are coming out.
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29 gallons is basically half of 60 gallons, so half a capful. Not enough experience to answer the other stuff.
LZ is iron (Fe) and potassium (K), SF is Fe along with about ten additional traces and other elements. You might need to include Seachem Flourish Potassium if you switch, but that would depend on whether or not you run into a K deficiency. I've had good experiences with SF, but dose dry K, I've read good things about LZ. I would personally use one up and then the other, two perfect bottles of valuable Fe. Not sure if their Fe levels match though, I know some Flourish users also use Flourish Iron and I would bet LZ is more like Flourish Iron and Flourish Potassium than regular Flourish. Unfortunately I can't find any in-depth ingredients or MSDS for LZ, and I can't do the math to convert Seachem's usage of percentages to mg/L.

You'd dose half a cap of SF, frequency of doses is at your own discretion depending on plant numbers and speed of uptake. I started out with one dose a week and moved up to two after plants filled in. For the tank in your sig, I would do weekly half doses (1/4 cap once a week), there are not many plants in it so uptake would be slow and overdosing would be a waste.
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