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Sea Chm makes no claims of it being an algacide...but it actually is one which breaks down into carbon in a short while in your tank.
According to them...the plant(s) are also capable of converting this form of carbon into other chemicals which the plant can use and supposedly it does this according to need.
People who use it instead of injected CO2(or DIY) report that it reduces the amount of algae in their tanks. I am one of those people. It works fair on GSA. I have (according to the thread on PAR by Hoppy and going by a T5 chart on there by brand of fixture)
a PAR level of light in my 10g tank of 100 PAR @ 12" from the sub.
It takes about three weeks for me to need to scrape the front glass off. Without the Excel, it takes about three to four days to need to srape it.
But if you are only using it for a carbon source...the injected is all you need.
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