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Reading car repair manuals and talking to mechanics does not necessary mean that I can explain to others how to repair cars. Given my knowledge of the cars, I would most likely get even the basics wrong. Even among mechanics, there are good ones, bad ones, and clueless. And some are so many light years ahead of the others that they can only fix spacecraft, if they could only find some.

Excel does not get converted to co2 by plants. Co2 and Excel are just some of the sources of carbon, the building block of all known life. All life needs carbon to grow. Extracting carbon from some sources requires less resources then from others.

During carbon cycle, plants use light energy and water to photosynthesize co2 into carbohydrates, o2 being the byproduct.

Concentration of co2 in atmosphere (air) is about 400 ppm. Under 5 ppm in water. Gas exchange.

Some basic concepts to look up.

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