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flourish comprehensive - Motor oil and Soy sauce???

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I bought a bottle of flourish comp a while back and man did it have a funky smell... Reminded me of really strong soy sauce. The color is similar to motor oil (not the texture).

(having never used it) I assumed that it was normal but Ive been wondering about it every since. So i figured id ask.

Is my Flourish Comp bad? or is this the normal color and smell?

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Normal color and smell. It is fertalizer it is not supposed to smell good. LOL.
haha, Flourish has always reminded me of soy sauce.
I had a bottle of Flourish that leaked... that will REALLY remind you of soy sauce and motor oil.
My Seachem Prime smells like a nasty sports locker rooms. :p

LMAO was that your recent thread??? I read it right before i posted this Thats what made me think of it. The thread im talking about claimed "Seachem Prime smelt like a stadium urinal" lol
If you think about how soy sauce is made, and how Flourish might be made, it wouldn't surprise me to find that the two processes are very similar.
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