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Floramax help

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So I added floramax to an already stocked tank and caused an almost catastrophic disaster in my tank. The water was literally black and. It a single fish could be seen. Luckily everyone Survived and I learned my lesson. Now however the floramax is just sitting in my tank as a huge mountain and I need to distribute it amongst the tank but do t want to cause another back out. Any tips?

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At this point when you move it, it will get cloudy again. What I would do is turn off your filter, set up like your doing a regular water change get your vacuum ready and slowly move the substrate with one hand while using the vacuum in the other hand to suck up as much dust as you can. Or if you have a quarantine tank move the fish, put the substrate where you want it, then do a water change.
You should add the water clarifier that is included in the bag.
Did that when I had initially added the floramax and created a giant dust storm

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rearranged the substrae tonight, actually wasn't that bad, a bit cloudy but nothing like when you first add i to the tank
Believe it or not the stuff that came in the bag helped, it prob would have looked worse.

Best thing to do when adding substrate like that is to use a long funnel.
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