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I have a few snails in the tank these came from, MTS, ramhorn, pond snails, none of which eat my plants. So, you may get snails also if you do not treat these plants before putting them in your tank. Shipped priority mail. Well packaged. Add $2 if you need a heat pack. I gladly accept Cc and Non Cc Paypal...

Shipping is $5

Small portions, low prices, perfect for a Nano tank or small planting.
A few small stems of MICRANTHEMUM UMBROSUM-$.50SOLD
8 stems L. Repens-$1
1x1in Glosso -$.50SOLD
Golfball portion+ HM.-$1SOLD
5 stems Rotala rotundifolia-$.50
Golfball plus portion Riccia fluitans $1SOLD

Super fast growing, great for shrimp tanks and fry tanks
XLarge Sandwich bag+ mixed floaters, Salvinia minima, Water lettuce, giant duckweed, redroot, Frogbit-$4SOLD

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