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Thought id start a journal to watch my own progress even though im about 6 months of changes in to this tank. Im fairly new to the planted scene as ive always been into community tanks... till i saw some nicely scaped tanks.

So I bought this tank off a pensioner for very cheap. The tank itself is great but little did i know the lighting wasnt strong enough because the tank is quite tall.

Im forced to either grow low light plants or custom fit lighting, which i wasnt prepared to do. So ive decided to grow low light/low maintenance plants instead.

Tank: Jebo R790 45G (D-shape)
Lighting: 55w of T8 lighting (25w + 15w + 15w)
Filter: Ehiem 2215 (Replaced with Fluval 305)
Substrate: Black Quartz
Fertz: Whole Seachem Flourish Range

-Anubias Nana
-Anubias Nana Petite
-Java Moss
-Flame moss (on order)
-Christmas moss (on order)
-Java Fern (on order)
-More Anubias (on order)
-Lilyaeopsis (didnt thrive)

7x Neon Rainbows (Praecox)
1x Salmon Red Rainbow (Glossolepis)
3x Bosemani Rainbow (Juve)
2x German Blue Ram
1x Dalmatian Molly
2x Madagascan Rainbow
10x Neon/Cardinal Tetras
5x Kuhli Loach
1x Clown Loach
1x BN Pleco
1x L168 Butterfly Pleco (15cm)
1x Ghost Shrimp

Sounds a little overstocked but they all get along well and have different levels to swim at.

Anyway heres some photos:
Earlier 20G tank

Cycling new tank

Black substrate and some plants added in

Some fish added in along with mossed driftwood

More fish added
Bigger driftwood added + Attached an anubias nana
Lilaeopsis added but couldnt thrive due to lighting

These are earlier photos. Ive made many changes which i havent had a chance to take photos but heres a more recent video

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Tanks are looking nice, will be good when they grow in a bit.
As you said it is overstocked... id be a little careful as ive seen a friends over stocked tank flourish for 6 months then just crash overnight, 1 fish died every 4 days until the stocking level was normal then no problems for the last 3 months. He lost 14 fish in total, took 2 of the fish to the LFS to have them tested and both came back from the lab clean.. no parasites or disease. Put it down to build up of stress from over stocking, a lot of over stocked tanks have night terrorism going on, you might not ever know.
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