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Do you think Flickr is a better format than Imugr. Imugr really seems to mess up the size of my photos and distort clarity.
I haven't noticed those issues with Flickr. Been using it for a very long time.


i'll just add some info to the nice instructional write up you did.

Most of the time if I'm embedding a single or a few photos and I don't want people to see my entire flickr account. To do this I use the download button, not the share/BBCode. Once you click the download button, it states "view all sizes" When you click that you can simply choose a size. I then right click the image and copy the image address and use the TPT "insert image" icon in the thread.

It doesn't matter if the image is public or private. People will just see the one image. There's nothing to change or edit.
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