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fleet enema ppm?

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I searched and couldn't find a thread that specifically states how much fleet enema is necessary per gallon to raise phosphate by 1 ppm. Anyone know? I also googled it and couldn't find what I wanted.
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The formula you are looking for can be found here.
Thanks so much!
Actually I was referring to the dead link to the formula. I just stumbled on this post myself yesterday while trying to figure out how much fleet enema to use. I tried using fertilator 4.0 but I've been reading the fleet enema calculation is off with that tool.

In the end I did the calculation myself assuming fleet enema has 130mg/l or 130ppm and I came up with 2.2 drops to bring my 30g up to 1ppm. I still don't know if this is right...
Hi Bruce,

Thanks for the link! I had found the fertilator in my travels but I had no idea that's what this link had been pointing to.

My math results in a different solution from the fertilator so I was unsure but I just stumbled on this link:

Which seems to confirm the issue was fixed at some point, and that maybe I need to brush up on my arithmetic.

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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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