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Have it printed at a company that makes banners for outdoor use, signs and similar things.
Some ways to find a company that does this:
Look up
Blue Prints
CAD printing
Wide format printing.

Call and ask if they do this, what programs or file types they can handle, then go see some samples of their work.

I had a banner for SFBAAPS printed at a company that has done my landscape architecture printing for many years. They are very reasonably priced, and high quality work. The company used to be called BPS, and can still be found by googling that name. They are now ARC and I think they are nation wide. (quick google... Actually they are world wide)

I have also gotten landscape drawings printed at a company that used to be Graphic Reproductions, but is now ABC imaging. I know they also do other things besides simple CAD printing. They are a local company, though. (SF Bay Area)
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