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Flame Moss

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Im after some flame moss, but i have no experience with them. I wanna ask:
Arent Flame moss the slowest growing type?
Think they are suitable for 'High Lighting tank" and DIY co2?
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Most of the fancier types of moses (Flame, Fissidens, etc) seem to be very slow growing to me.

They are suitable for a highly lit aquarium with CO2, but you may have algae problems if you only have slow growing plants.
I've managed to grow Flame moss fairly well, but it wasn't cheap.
My setup is a 8.5 gallon tank, 8000K 150W Metal Halide (6 hrs/day), CO2 injection, and daily fertilizer dosing.
With this setup, the Flame Moss took off very quickly. Within a month, I had to start trimming it.
I didn't replant the trimmings. Instead, I gave them to a friend.
Even without replanting, the Flame Moss is growing upwards and filling in thickly.

However, if you have a medium or low-tech setup, it may take more time to kick the Flame Moss into gear.
I've heard of some people having no growth for up to 2 months, possibly just acclimating to the new tank.
Once it begins to grow, it can still be slow.
If you give it plenty of what it needs, it'll fill in faster.
If not, just be patient. My friend has a low-tech setup, but his Flame Moss isn't browning or dying.
It's slowly acclimating and in time it'll grow in.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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