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Hi everyone,

Moving from Florida to Massachusetts and need all alive things gone.

Shrimp I am not willing to ship this time, last time was horrible and I am just hoping someone local can grab these, you will get an unbelievable deal so please come get them.
Shrimp are FREE to a local pickup and with the promise that you will send me some in the future, if I ever ask. SOLD

Anubias Nana
Anubias Nana petite
Buce species (two types)
Crypt wendtii bronze
S Repens
Hydrocotyle misc
Xmas moss
Blyxa Japonica
Amazon Sword Narrow leaf
Some stems (species names have slipped my mind)

This will be a bundle of all plants together (splitting and shipping is just too much right now).
Asking $90 for all plants in the images below

Yep, the tanks went through a lot and certainly don't look their best.
Thank you
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