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fixture Choices for a 60p H

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odyssea 24" T5 Quad High Output Light Fixture with Timer 70$
^really good deal but not sure on quality
2. Ati 24inch dimmable sunpower t5 470$
3.TMC GroBeam 1500 Ultima led fixture 236$
4.Aquatic Life Light T5 HO 4-Lamp 2-Lunar Aquarium Light, 24-Inch 217$ Aquatic Life Light T5 HO 4-Lamp 2-Lunar Aquarium Light, 24-Inch: Pet Supplies

5. Kessil a150 225$

I'm aware of their price points 1 being cheapest 2 being the priciest which is my biggest concern(wether I really need to dish out that much for a quality light as I don't like to skimp out on a bad quality light)and 3rd being in the middle and know that it will most likely outlast 1 and 2 and 4. My tank's dimmensions are 24x18x18. If anybody has gotten great results on something else please feel free to post. I currently got ecoxotic panorama pro modules on my tank but I want a bit more experimenting with different kelvin ratings like the ati's or other t5 options unless there is some outstanding led fixture you guys have had great luck on. Dimmability would be a great option as well since when starting a tank you def don't want to run full intensity,along with being able to proggram but a quality light along with great results for both plants and fish will take priority. Shimmering is a plus. thanks :)
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In that price range/high output category light I would check out maxspect razor 120w. It should (on paper) blow those fixtures out of the water.
It is programmable and color tweakable etc.

If color rendition/sunset is not that big of a deal for you, then a plain diy cold white led light setup works very well for a fraction of the price. You can get a e27 par bulb setup for around 70-100usd.
Down shift I haven't tried finnex but I have had a nova extreme 4 bulb fixture and the bulbs work whenever they want due to the crappy sockets that hold them in place. I spent 400 like 5 years ago on it and am bummed out that it would go out like that. really looking for a quality fixture with nice options.

Matsnork I haven't heard of the razor but it looks super nice. the tweakable color sounds pretty nice along with it being proggramable. I'll keep it in my list of options
Check my tank journal. I had a current t5ho 4x24w fixture. Got rid of it and went led finnex. I'm running a ray2 and a planted+ hung above the tank.

You should be fine growing plenty of algae with a single ray2, less than $100.
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