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Ok so last year I bought the Aquatek Mini Co2 regulator and it has been working fine with my glass diffuser.

However I recently upraded my diffuser to an GLA atomic inline difusser and during the upgrade I managed to break the plastic bubble counter Aquatek gives you with the Mini regulator. I ordered the brass bubble counter from aquatek and tried to install it but it would not fit despite their claims that it will work.
I found that the top of the regulator and the co2 output was too close together and the fit was too tight. The plastic cylinder became scratch from trying to force it and it would not form a seal at all.

I was able to make an extension from parts from home depot.

I used some teflon tape
1/8 in brass pipe connector LFA-717
1/8 in brass pipe coupler LFA-706

I bought the o-ring #247 but didn't really need it.

Tips* When using teflon tape make sure you wrap it atleast 3 times to prevent any leakage.
Also to check for leaks I used some qtip with soap on it and rubbed it against any adjoining pieces.

Hope this helps someone who might be thinking of a similar setup.

Can't say I'm impressed with Aquatek esp. this bubble counter.
The regulator itself seems to work fine.
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