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fixing aquarium heater with epoxy

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my aquarium heater shattered due to my aquarium babysitter taking it out of the water and putting it In while it was hot. is using epoxy to glue the glass back together a bad idea? does epoxy soften once it gets heated up again releasing epoxy into the water?
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Personally I would not risk it. You can do yourself SERIOUS harm if you end up electrocuting yourself if the epoxy fails/doesn't completely seal the cracks. Not to mention frying your fish.

Heaters are cheap. Just get a new one.
It may already be toasted since water was inside it. It isn't worth either the effort or the risk to try to fix it.
I would not want to rishk using it on several points. One is that the epoxy may not hold. I'm not too worried on the electrical end of it as it is pretty sure to kick a breaker once both sides of the line meet water. But then that is also a reason mot to use it if the breaker feeds the rest of the tank like the filter. Don't want to come home and find the filter has been dead for several hours. Third reason is the way the bimetal plates tend to distort once they get really hot. Once they are bent from too much heat, they never work right again.
it is very risky
you must change it with a new one
replace it

and give better instructions to your fish sitter next time.
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