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Fissidens Fontanus from spores??

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OK, maybe I'm seeing things but I can swear that I have Fissidens Fontanus sprouting from driftwood. I noticed some tiny tiny bright green specks a couple of weeks ago and thought it was some kind of new algae, to go along with my other algae, but it now looks like Fissidens fonds. Last night I notice scattered around the same wood additional flecks of bright green.

Yes, I have had at one time some Fissidens Fontanus in the tank but never on "this" piece of driftwood.

I'll try to take some pics later tonight.
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As with any other moss, I bet that there was a frond of Fissidens floating around that managed to get lodged/attached to your piece of new wood. This then began to grow into what you see today.
It could be. I've had wood with F. fontanus growing on it and I took it out of water for storage after removing the moss. Some months later when I put it back into the water the moss began growing back after a couple of months.
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