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I have a bunch of Fissiden Fontanus growing in my tank and was wondeirng if i would be able to use it for a waterfall i created outdoors for my mini pond.

The waterfall i created is powered by solar panels so it should be running when the sun is out, which would provide water to the waterfall and thus the moss itself. i thought if i could have this grown emersed and attached onto the feature it could create an aged natural look to the waterfall.

I have seen people grown fissiden emersed to test if it would grow faster verse submersed but my question is would it be able to withstand mother nature. What is the fissiden fontanus natural environment? Could it survive when the water isnt running at night ? Would it freeze over night?

What i had planned was to attempt to convert my submersed fissiden to emersed by sitting it in a box on a wet towel for a few weeks then attempt to glue it onto the waterfeature.

Would anybody have any experience or tips regarding this? Am i being too ambitious ? If so would anybody be able to provide a better alternative for a waterfall moss

Thanks in advance!
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