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I am trying to grow Fissidens on driftwood and I am now growing more algae than moss. I was dosing excel 2x recommended plus PPS pro but read that excel may be harmful so I quit. PH 7 with 8 hardness and o Nitrate. I did decrease my photo period to 6 hours and have about 2.5 WPG. Can't really decrease lighting amount. Any ideas?
Other plants in tank doing well...mostly crypts and the Anubias are static.
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Zero nitrate is not what you want to shoot for. Moss and anubias grow slowly so need very little compared to stem plants etc, but crypts consume a little bit more IME.
I should have explained....

The Crypts are in MTS and doing very well. I was doing PPS Pro but the nitrate reading was from before I started dosing. I stopped doing everything for now.
i have used excel 2 x strength with fissidens no problems at all
have also used with spot treatment at full strength for about 15 sec but burnt it a bit
you could try taking drift wood out of tank and spot treat small area with peroxide as a test
fissidens is fine with excel, most other mosses as well. I've used straight excel to spot dose staghorn algae on fissidens, and it did fine.

I'd watch out for straight h2o2 on other mosses, but i've used it with only slight burning on fissidens (with spot treating straight).
2.5 WPG T8/T5NO/T5HO?
I never had luck with PPS pro even with healthy CO2, I ended up with more algae than plants. I made a switch to EI, and now I have healthy moss :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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