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fishyjoe's rebuilding/scaping the 55g journal

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do to finding a bag of fish food open with ants all over the inside of my stand.. I'm moving the tank, and rescaping it. i found some interesting driftwood branches at dallas north aquarium.

this is how my tank currently looks.

used canopy,stand,and tank from LFS(the fish gallery). $150.00+ tax. tank became a leaker so it was replaced..
stank is 36 inches tall, and the canopy is 5.5 inches tall
tank is aqueon 55g 48x13x21
lighting is a coral-life retro fit kit. 2x96w ballast with dual day light 6,700/10,000 96w bulbs and using the reflector from a coral-life fixture.
substrate - soil master select.
filter- Hagen fluval 205 canister
heater some used 150 watt, was giving to me. it does it job.
fish - 5 ottos, x amount of cherry shrimp,35 rasobra hets., 20 rummy nose tetras.
plants, rotala rounilifia(SP?),and some plants that came out of tex gal's 125g.

the reason for the change. I don't like how the inside of my tank looks it doesn't look natural......... plus the soil master select seems to be lacking in ertz. my power compacts well to much light in my opinion....

what will I be changing.
the aqua scape. plus i will be changing the substrate to ADA soil mixed with organic potting clay on the bottom with soil master select... the light will be changed from power compacts to t5 HO to save electricity, and me money. plus they won't heat up my tank water as much as the power compact bulbs have. (would rather pay 15-20 a bulb, then 60 to 80 a bulb.)
will also be changing the location of this tank in my room away from the window. also will be shorting the school of rasobras, and will trade them in for more rummy noses(I love how the rummy noses school very tighly together). oh I will also be adding presured c02 to the tank too.

now it's time to go drain, and drag some stuff in. :eek5::thumbsup: yep even at 1:30am i will play with my fish tanks.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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