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gonna try this out...

Guppy Tank (5.5gal)
Initial setup of Guppy Tank.
Started out with 6 guppies (3 male, 3 female); potted dwarf hair grass; potted glossostigma.

Planted dwarf hair grass into substrate.
Introduced 2 more guppies (1 male, 1 female) for a total of 8.

Planted glossostigma into substrate; worried it may be dying!!
Separated hair grass into 2 separate clumps; it seems to be doing well.
Introduced 2 more guppies (1 male, 1 female) for a total of 10.

Separated glossostigma into several small clumps; still concerned about it's health, some parts seem to be doing better than others.


White Cloud Tank (2.5gal)
Tank contains 8 young white clouds; 3 random plant species idk the names of; a marimo.
Redid entire tank; replaced sand substrate with gravel.


Community Tank (20gal)
(I'm not the sole caretaker of this tank!)
Inhabitants include: Angelfish (Jack Sparrow); several cory cats; bumblebee(?) pleco; 5 odos; a couple random species of tetras (I forget!); several platties; 9 mollies (3 males, 6 females)

Introduced 1 platty and 2 mollies (all female)
Transferred 3 young mollies to Baby Tank


"Baby Tank" (5.5gal)
(I'm not the sole caretaker of this tank!)
Inhabitants include: buttload of tiny baby mollies; a few stray guppies; 2 kuhli loaches

Transferred 2 guppies (1 male, 1 female) to Guppy Tank.

Transferred 2 guppies (1 male, 1 female) to Guppy Tank.

Introduced 3 young mollies into tank


figure this is a good enough start! note to self is to log when and how throughly I clean any tank! yeehaw
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Guppy Tank
Introduced additional male guppy. Planning to introduce additional female within a couple days; she was housed with a sick fish that ended up passing away, so she's being isolated to ensure her health.
Added 2 red cardinal plants.
Took the time to name all the guppies (all names starting with G, of course) as follows:
  • Gene; black tail + "lipstick"
  • Giselle; red/black tail, blue dorsal fin
  • Guinevere; yellow tail, blue dorsal fin
  • Goodie; red tail, yellow dorsal fin
  • Gemini; blue lyretail
  • Ginger; cream/yellow

  • Gideon; shiny blue-green and black, red tail
  • Gulliver; platinum
  • Galileo; translucent blue
  • Giles; orange "psuedo-endler"
  • Giacomo; yellow snakeskin
  • Gonzo; blue snakeskin
Ginger is the one in isolation, for the record.
Spotted around 4 babies (really fighting the urge to call them guppy puppies...); leaving them in until they're big enough for me to see and catch easily.

Rinsed out filter cartridge.

Introduced 3 amano shrimp (unsure of their sexes at this point; best guess is 2 males, 1 female).
Removed glossostigma; it was beginning to melt, with no noticeable growth... RIP. Replaced it with 2 small anubias and added liquid plant fertilizer.
Spotted more babies, pretty sure I know who they're coming from - Guinevere appeared to be in labor last time I checked in on them.
Ginger still in isolation, still alive, no apparent signs of illness.

Rinsed out filter cartridge again; was clogged with stray plant matter.


Baby Tank
Removed all male guppies (6 of them!! :eek5:) and transplanted them to community tank. Left the 4 remaining female guppies in as "babysitters". Had a lot more in there than I realized obviously!


Community Tank
Introduced the 6 male guppies from the baby tank... duh
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