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Sorry for bombarding you with questions about my bubys Dwarf puffers but i have a little query about them. I have had them for a little over a week but their about 10 weeks old. Their finally settled and beg for food constantly ! I have noticed that 2 of the 3 puffers can eat until their tummys lovely and round but after maybe 1 hour they look emaciated again... the other stays nice and round until dinner or the next day. The one who it seems most obvious with it ( cifa ; the runt ) also gets a kinda bumpy tummy? Its sort of unevan and not round like the others.
When i got them i wanted to treat them for IP but the shop told me that i shouldnt and it was costly and stupid. Im slightly worried as i dont want to loose one to IP's. Should i treat them all? If so what should i use? Should i treat the whole tank , it has 4 ottos in?
Thanks !
P.S These are Dwarf Puffers /DP'S
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