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Fish to go with GBR

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I'm looking for a peaceful fish to go along with a pair of GBR's. My tank is a 55 gallon, newly set up 2 weeks ago and planted. I ran emersed for a week and decided it wasn't for me. Filled it up and added plants over the last week. Substrate is Ecocomplete. I have 2 feeder fish in there for cycling purposes.

I'm looking to breed GBR's and I want a fish that won't eat the fry if at all possible. I like the idea of a very small fish. I'm not interested in CPD's. I really like the Emerald Dwarf Rasbora.

I don't have the rams yet. I want to add the other fish first and then the rams later. How long should I wait, I know rams are pretty sensitive. I'm still undecided on the number of rams, probably one male and one female. I'm also unsure of what the other fish should be. Any suggestions?
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Rummynosed tetras, Black neon tetras, and Cardinal tetras are classic fish to go with GBRs because they all enjoy the same warm temps.

Keep in mind you'll want to keep this tank in the low 80s F if you want to keep the rams spawning and in the best of health.

I'd start off with a half dozen rams and let them pair off on their own. You may be able to keep 2 pairs in a 55gal if you use plenty of hardscape to help block off territories and aquascape so that the lines of sight are broken frequently (rams wont chase other fish once they swim out of sight).

If you really want to raise fry you'll need to set up a separate spawning tank, though- you won't get many fry that survive any community tank setting.
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