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Owensboro, KY

20 Gallon Long Tank has 2 bags of Flourite Black substrate. $50
20 Gallon Tall Tank has 1 bag of Floramax and some pool filter sand. $45
28'' Odyssea Dual T5 Light. $50
Cree LED Aquarium Light 60watt. Has 10 White LEDs - 10 Blue LEDs Came off a Salt Water Tank. $50
Aqua Tech 20-40 Filter and extra cartridges. $15
Aqua Tech 5-15 Filter and extra cartridges. $10
Top Fin 60 HOB filter and extra cartridges (Actually have 2 under gravel plates for it also) $20
Whipser 60 Air Pump. $10
API ACCU-Clear, Flourish Root Tabs (Only a few left) Osmocote DIY (Do It Yourself) root tabs approx 140 tabs left. CO2 diffuser, and %90 of the Flourish Excel Bottle Left. $40

Heteranthera Zosterifolia (Stargrass)
Anubias Nana
Rotala Rotundifolia
Amazon Sword
Rotala colorata (about 4in)
Kudwigia red (about 4in)
Ludwigia repens (about 4in)
Ludwigia arcuata "narrow leaf"
Hydrocotyle sp. japan

I bought the plants as a package. I am unable to ID which plant is which. All of the plants for (Will NOT seperate plants) Plants may contain snails $30

Added up together it is $300. I'll take 200 cash OBO. No trades.

I am keeping the stand and moving it out to my garage. I am also keeping the heaters in both tanks.

Prices DO NOT include shipping. Send me offers.



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