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fish suggestions

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I need to figure out what kind of fish I should get for my 5 gallon. I am looking to make it seem larger than it really is so was thinking about the small schoolers like Boraras maculatus sized. the tank is very heavily planted and other inhabitants will be some RCS, an otto of two, and maybe one larger show fish (also need suggestions for this one). also were would I find these small fish?
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Good small schooling fish ... neons & cardinals, white clouds, white-tip tetras, glowlight tetras. Zebras are cheap but a little spazzy and like the surface. Most are available readily at any LFS. Stay away from Petco unless you want ich.
In a 5 gallon, Zebras and Cardinals are an absolute no no. I would assume that a few neons might be ok but know nothing about the others suggested.

Remember that a 5 gallon isn't very big and it becomes even smaller when heavily planted so, you'll want to stock fairly lightly. There's a ton of great fish listed here: Nanofish List for nano tanks like yours. Good luck! :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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