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Fish suggestions.

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In my 20 gallon tank I have 8 silver tip tetras, 3 Blue German rams, 6 ottos and 1 common pleco. Both my girlfriend and I think my tank needs something more, but I am not entirely sure what. I would prefer whatever I get to be bottom dwelling, as that area of my tank seems to be the most inactive. I would also like it to be out of the ordinary, as I have an affinity for unusual fish. I thought of adding a small group of shrimp, but I think I already have enough algae eaters. I have also considered adding an oil cat, which is what I am leaning towards now.

I have also considered cory's and banjo cat's, but I have flourite substrate which I think is unsuitable for these type of fish.

I was also at my LFS yesterday and they had a "Wood Cat" but I was unable to see it, because it was obscured and so far I haven't really been able to find much info. I was also curious about these miniature crayfish and crabs that so many seem to keep. If someone could kindly shed some light on these critters, or offer up some suggestions I haven't considered, I would appreciate the help.
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While banjo cats are interesting to look at, well an all 'round weird fish really, they don't do much.

I would steer clear of any crustaceans, they are well cunning predators no doubt. Something like a ram would make an easy kill for a crayfish. Even the dwarf crays, and the smallest of long armed shrimps are quite fierce.

Cory cats would make an excellent addition. They are cute little fish that are busy most of the day rummaging around the tank looking for little snacks. Although they do enjoy nap time. There are quite a few readily available "dwarf" species: C. habrosus, hastatus, pygaemeus, cochui are a few. Most species will be fine in your tank, but some do get fairly large. C. habrosus, panda, agassizi all stay small too.

They really add a lot of character and movement to the lower parts of a tank. Naturally occur with all your species, are completely non-aggressive, inexpensive, and hardy :thumbsup:

If your LFS has any dwarf chain loaches/ Yasuhikotakia sidthimunki.. this also make a nice addition to the community tank. I love these little guys.
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oh, how about a Goo-obo?!
pretty fish, cool personality too.
lemonlime I have been told cory's don't do well with course substrate like flourite as it erodes their barbels. I had originally planned on adding a small group of sterbi cory, but decided against it because I didn't want them to loose their barbels.

As for the crustaceans, I once had a blue crayfish and he was indeed a successful predator. I learned that the hard way when he dropped down upon my 6 inch golden gourami and killed him. The funny thing was he was less than half the size of the gourami. He would even hide in my plants and try to ambush fish that got close. But from what I have read, many people have had good success keeping small crabs and crayfish in community tanks with little to no problem. I think they would make a neat addition to my all fish aquarium.

I have also been considering adding some loaches too, especially since I would like to get some MTS. I was looking at zebra loaches or Burmese loaches though, I have never heard of a dwarf chain loach. Can it eat MTS?

As for the goo-obo, that is a really neat little fish, do you know of a good information source? I think I have even seen them locally, which is a plus for me.

joe the pleco I had looked at both of the fish you have mentioned and the Royal Farowella, but again I am trying to avoid algae eaters. And although the Farowella would probably be a feasible addition, I believe the whip tail would grow to large for a twenty gallon tank.

Thanks for the suggestions and pictures so far.
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You were saying about the "woodcat" is this the one you meant?..
I took a look around the web for some info on the goo obo gudgeon and it is indeed a very interesting little fish. Unfortunately the few places that sell them, want an arm and a leg. If I were to get any I would probably want a small group, as they seem like they would do better in groups. But with their price tag, a group of 4 to 6 could cost over 200$. I am just not willing to dish out that kind of money, cool fish though.

joe the pleco that could very well be the wood cat I saw, but I can't be certain as I only saw a small portion of the fish. I am going to my LFS right now though and I will see if I can get a better look at it.

Thanks for the replies so far keep them coming, I am still unsure of what to get to fill the void in my aquarium.
Kuhli loaches are the bees-knees(? I heard my mom say that yesterday LOL) if your a night owl like me :eek5:

In my 20gallon (long) I plan to have: 1 Convict pair,2 Kuhli loaches, and 3 dwarf puffers :cool: My 20 gallon sort of resembles a garden where the kuhlis are snakes an the puffers are bees:icon_conf
How about a pair of julies (julidochromis). They can be keep in a planted tank, so long as they have some places to retreat to. ie. Rock formation. They are full of character and from strong family ties over generations.
Rodney I have had kuhli loaches before and I think I would rather avoid them as I am fear their constant digging would disturb my stem plants. They are a neat fish though and I may add some when I build my moonlighting.

masYPSI I would rather not add any Africans to my tank not only because of the vastly different water parameters required but also the aggression most Africans exhibit. I have been seriously thinking about setting up an African cichilid tank for my two year old son. He just loves their responsiveness and vibrant colors.:D

joe the pleco I am now seriously rethinking getting a royal Farowella, but I am still concerned that a twenty gallon is too small, especially for how active it apparently is. It is a really cool fish and my girlfriend agrees.

BTW those wood cats you posted are not the same as the ones I have seen. The pair at my LFS is just silver with a really tall dorsal fin.

I think I have decided for now to at least add four zebra loaches. I think they are really neat and will make a good addition to my aquarium. The dwarf chain loaches are really cool too, but I think they would be hard to obtain.

My LFS has bumble bee catfish which are neat. Has anyone had them? They look nocturnal, but I don't know. I am going to go find some info on them.

Thanks for the responses so far, it's been really helpful!
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Julidochromis are an absolute no-go in a 20 gallon tank that already houses Rams...that would turn the tank into WWIII ;)

Have you considered some of the larger filter-feeding shrimps? Wood shrimp, etc?
jesica the filter feeding shrimp are very interesting indeed. A couple of wood shrimp would defiantly add an intriguing element to my aquarium, which would be great. I also really wouldn't have to worry about them harming my fish and as a added bonus they would filter my aquarium, it's a win win situation!

I searched around for some info on filter feeders, but much to my disappointment, couldn't find very much. From what I have read about these critters I can't figure out why they are not more common, they seem almost too good to be true. I would love to get a few for my tank, but I need to find some more info before I commit myself. Do you know of a good information source and or a seller?

Anyone experienced with SA Bumble bee cat's?

Is an 8" royal farowella to large for a twenty gallon? I have read conflicting information sources, one would suggest they are active and the other the exact opposite. Also that they do and they don't eat plants. I am confused? :icon_ques
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