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I have a 37g column tank (planted) currently stocked with:
13 Espei Rasbora
5 Otocinclus
5 Nerite Snails
4 Ghost Shrimp
1 Dwarf Orange Crayfish (CPO)

The tank is tall and the Espei generally stay in the middle/upper section so the lower region of my tank just seems kind of empty. I originally wanted to get a pair of GBR but I know they can be hard to keep and can become aggressive. What I am looking for is a bottom dwelling fish but not necessarily a bottom feeder. I want fish that will chill in the lower level of my tank. Everyone always suggests Cory Cats but I really don't like them.

I keep the crayfish well fed so I'm not too worried about it trying to eat anyone.

To give a little more info on my tank: ph-7.4, temp-78. Not sure what the hardness is. Its a fairly dark tank - low light with slightly tannin stained water. I have driftwood and black sand substrate.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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