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Fish Stuff still available for Sale! Lowered Prices on all items! MUST SELL ASAP

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HI ALL! I still have some things for sale. I have lowered the pricing on every kit. I am in the city south side (Bridgeport area) so you can pick it up or I will be happy to meet you anywhere close by.

Here is the list, please note that I am still selling as "kits" but I am flexible in working with the price so you can be happy and I can sell :):):) (pictures follow below)

:icon_arro "My fish are hungry" Kit
Hikari Brine shrimp, Hikari tubifex worms, Spectrum H20 stable wafers & Spectrum Small fish food (Lg container) $15 now $12

:icon_arro 4 Gal Glass Aquarium Kit
Finnex G4 Glass Aquarium w/light 26w bulb included, Finnex Pf-5 filter, Fluval Stratum (about 2lbs), Asian Temple decoration & Mopani wood, Marineland 25w submersible heater, Aqueon Betta food, Glass cover and holders for aquarium top. $85 now $70

:icon_arro Large Piece of Driftwood, (the measurements are indicated in the picture below) Its weighs about 5 lbs. beautiful shape that fits a medium 10gal aquarium up to a very large 50-100 gal. $35 now $27