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Fish stuck in filter - now injured

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I like to count my fish to make sure everyone is accounted for. I was missing a white cloud mountain minnow the other day and couldn't find him anywhere. Boyfriend suggested I check the filter and voila! There he was plus 8 RCS! I have a sponge over the filter intake so I'm assuming I must have brought the water line up too high and they all jumped/swam right into the filter outlet! The RCS look fine except for one that must have gotten smushed a bit.

The white cloud mountain minnow has raggedy fins - particularly the tail and part of the tail (not just the fin) looks more pale than the rest of him as though the scales on that part of the body have been rubbed off. My guess is that he might have gotten his tail stuck in something and it got rubbed raw. I have him quarantined in a bucket right now because he swims feebly and the other fish pick on him. It looks like the bad part of his tail has something kind of white and filmy growing on it. A bit fluffy looking... Is that... an infection? How can I make him feel better?
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Does the white stuff look fluffy or spongy at all? That would need an antifungal. if there is a white edge that would be bacterial and you would use a antibiotic. I would just give him clean water and see what happens. You could add a pinch of salt as well.
He's probably got a bacterial infection due to his injury. will need to treat it soon.
i would throw some plants in whit the fish and see how he does, and if he is still eating and he not getting worse i wouldn't medicate it, but if he looking worse tomorrow go medicate it.

you have any pics?
Fungus will grow over a wound. I would try a bit of salt first, but if he doesn't seem better I'd probably try some Jungle Fungus, which has antibiotics and an anti fungal agent in it.
Get on it pretty quick. A bit of salt can help the fish with stress, about 1 tsp per 5 gallons max, 1 tsp per 10 is a lower, but acceptable dose. This is not strong enough to combat any infection, though.

White and fluffy sounds like fungus, and it is very common for fungus to attack an injured site.

Be sure to keep the water well aerated and really clean. Lowest possible nitrates.

Yes, if there is any way to put plenty of plants in there that would really help. Even trimmings drifting in the water would be good. I would keep the hospital tank bare bottom, though. No substrate.
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