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fish stocking ideas

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I'm looking for some fish stocking ideas for a 4 gallon finnex. I have been through the nano tank fish list and it seems the only fish truly suitable was a betta. I also do not want to have to feed live food to further complicate matters. I already have one 4 gallon with a betta. Personally I was thinking of something active that I could put 5-6 of in. I would be happy though if I could find a pair of active kills or something though...But it seems that the only good fish for that are guppies and they breed like rabbits so they would quickly overun the tank. I did see the white cloud minnows which I may default into. I have been looking at killis, and the freshwater bumblebee goby, or a dwarf puffer but I am not sure about them. The dwarf puffer would eat all of the maint. snails or shrimp. Dario darios are not active, and neither are the gobies. Some ideas for me to research. This tank probably won't get stocked till I get out of school in the summer. But I at least want to start researching.
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Ember tetra! I just love them and they stay nice and small!

Killies jump, so mind that in mind.

i have white clouds and I LOVE them. They really are very pretty fish and if you can get the long fin kind they are just stunning.
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