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Fish/Shimp cleaners for algae and cleaning?

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Hey ya my fellow members. I recently Had to re-scape and cut back to 1/10th of the plants in one of my tanks. Due to various complications with moving and the month before I moved I was out of the country and the person didn't take care of it at all, prompted this big change.

Anyway, I was curious what people thought are the best cleaners in a full (heavy planted in about a two months with the way my tanks grow), both for algae and for general cleaning?

I've heard loches, shrimp, octo's, ect.

The problem is that I have not read anything that is 'for sure' that point out this Y fish will do X and these will do X, and just a general information part. I plan on writing up a thread about this for the algae section (for my own use but also for others), but I need just a little bit of help with my own tank(s) before I start doing a write up.

I currently have a 55bow, 25 tall, and cube 7.5. I have tried octo's before but they didn't seem to help much with the cleaning/algae.

Thank you in advanced.
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Amano Shrimp - algae/general
American Flagfish - algae
Corys - general/bottom
Otos - algae/glass
Nerite Snail: the best to clean algae on glass
Of all of them the Nerite was by far the best and fastest cleaner.
Awesome guys(and gals), thanks for the info and feed back. I'll start up my write up. ;p
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