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Hey guys,

Finally got the fish room up and running

Still a few more things to do (drain line, lids, and lights)... but its running 22 tanks at the moment

Here is the current stock:
40g Breeder - about 40 L144a Plecos
40g Breeder - group of Enterochromis Paropius
40g Breeder - L333 Plecos, Bluetail Goodied, Cory Sterbai, Red Claw Shrimp (for sale btw)
40g Breeder - Gold Head Compressiceps, Venezuelan Cory
40g Breeder - White Calvus, Red Tail Goodied, Aeneus Bronze Cory
20g - Koi Angel Pair
20g - Group of Synodontis Lucipinnis
20g - Group of Apisto Kelleri
20g - Group of Neolamprologus Multifasciatus
20g - Group of F1 Apisto Panduro
20g - Pair of Apisto Baenchi
10g - 1 Telematichromis Vittatas (looking for more or a new home)
10g - 1 LF BN Pleco, Goodea Gracilis
10g - Super Red BN Pleco group
10g - Dwarf Red Gularis group
10g - Scuds and RCS
10g - Endlers and Pineapple sword youngins
30g Breeder - Plants (x5)


**tried to get the video to embed, couldn't get it working sorry

Any questions just let me know, been working on it for around 3 weeks now
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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