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I'm selling my beautiful 55G show tank (gotta make room for a new sofa ) so I have a good handful of items that I want to sell.

List of fish available. I'm gonna take Thursday after work to catch all the fish and have them ready for sale.

- 4x Large Cardinal Tetra - $1.50 each
- 2x Sunset Platy - $1.00 each
- 1x True Siamese Algae Eater - full grown - $2.50
- 6x Rummy Nose Tetra - $1.50 each
- 3x Otto Algae Eater - $2 each

List of plants available.

Here's a picture of the tank to give you an idea of plants, etc.:

- 3x Java Fern - Sold Pending Pickup

- 2x Large Wavy Sword Plant - about 18"-20" high - - $4 each - If you buy both I have a 3rd small plant that I'll throw in for free, otherwise the small one is $1 (about 2" high)

- 10x Crypt Wendtii - - $1 each - If you buy all 10 I'll throw in all the smaller new crypt wendtii plants sprouting right now in the tank

- 7x Anubia barteri nana - - Nice size, most have about 8 to 12 leafs and some algea growth since the leafs last for a very long time - $5 each - I also have a few small clippings (2 to 5 leafs and about 0.5" to 1" of rimazone (sp?) ) for $1 each

- 1x Tiger Lotus - Green - about 8 large leafs and a few smaller ones - - $6

- 8x large (long) Jungle Val - - $1 each

List of equipment available.

- 55G All Glass brand tank with black silicone (they don't make those anymore in this size unfortunately) and a real build in slate background. The background is sheets of real slate (dark green/gray) that have been very carefully siliconed into the tank so they cover the whole back. Very beautiful. - - Tank is show quality and has been babied the whole time. Even comes with an apparatus I build to carry the tank to make sure nothing would happen to it during transport and to make the tank easier to hold onto, etc. Also comes with foam to put under the tank - $100
- Custom painted and build stand for the 55G tank. Based on a commercially available design, but build with a flat bottom (to spread weight evenly) and reinforced heavily. - - Has a build in electrical panel to control all equipment. Each outlet is switch or timer controlled and GFCI protected - - Has room in the middle to perfectly fit a standard 5G tank to be used as a hospital tank - - Comes with foam to put under the stand to spread weight more evenly (overkill, but that's how I do things) - $200
- 48" All Glass brand dual bulb 48" strip light. One bulb is 6700K, the other 10000K, both less than 1 year old. Comes with a rope light attached to the back of it that can be placed on a separate timer in order to provide some subdued lighting before and after the main lights come on. Also has plastic loops attached to the back so that the light can be hung above the tank when working in the tank. That's what the hooks above the tank in this picture are for - - $70
- Versa (All Glass brand) glass top for 55G tank - $20
- 150W Stealth heater that's currently in the tank. Heater is about 1 year old - $15
- 150W Stealth heater that's in original packaging, but has been used in the past - $20
- Coralife Digital Thermometer - Sold Pending Pickup
- Large Mag Float algae scraping magnet - $10
- 5 bags worth (35kg or 77lbs) of Flourite (natural color) - $60
- 2 large pieces of drift wood collected years ago on the shore of South Carolina. Here's a picture of my tank when it had both pieces in it - - Both pieces are attached to separate sheets of Plexiglas with 18.8 stainless steel screws. Gravel covers the sheet and prevents the piece from floating or moving. - $30 each

Everything that I'm selling has been babied all the time and you can be assured that everything is in excellent quality and working condition. I always go overboard in protecting all my stuff as you can tell by the foam under the tank and stand, the contraption I build to move the tank, etc. So you know you're getting good quality stuff.

Everything is available for pickup at my home in Mississauga. I'm usually available weekday evening and on Saturday afternoon and evening and Sunday morning and evening. I can take plants and small equipment with me to work and we can meet up downtown during business hours.

Please note that things will need to be sold off in somewhat progressive order, so for example, I can't sell the tank if none of the fish, plants, etc. have been sold. However, I am willing to work with you to make the sale work, so if most things have been sold, I have no issues in putting the rest in temporary containers, etc. so you can get the tank sooner, etc.

Also please note that I usually sell things on a first come first serve basis until the day of a planned pickup. In other words, I will always give you at least 1 days notice to let you know that the item has been sold and not to come anymore.

Also please note that I hurt my back last year so I won't be able to help you move or lift any of the heavy items for sale (ie: tank, stand, gravel).

Thanks for looking,
Harry Muscle

P.S. I'm gonna have more stuff to sell, primarily food items and other misc. equipment.

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Is shipping an option? I live in ALBERTA and I might be interested in jungle vals.
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