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I thought i would share the data set for a new Paludarium Water Cycle for those who like to see Nitrogen Cycle Data and compare their own readings to others.

This is a planted Paludarium using a Fish In Cycle. I used the API Liquid Test Kit almost everyday to ensure the safety of the animals. There are two image sets below of data. The first is the API findings and the second is the log the data set is using with notes. This way you guys can see when water changes were performed etc...

Animals were added 3 days after water was put in the tank. I will post the specs of the tank below the data images.

Glass Plant Art Wood Freshwater aquarium

Rectangle Slope Book Font Line

Font Rectangle Parallel Screenshot Number

Tank Specs

49 Gallon Bow Front Aquarium with roughly 10 gallons of water
Filter: Oase 250 Thermo (Back waterfall, the water runs over driftwood as a waterfall)
Pond Pump for Front Waterfall.
Temperature set to 75 degrees
Average Humidity holding at 50-60% without misting
Lighting is a Hyggar generic light from amazon set to 12 hours of bright light and 5 hours of blue light at night. darkness from 2am to 8:30am

Current animals for fish in cycle (will add more once cycle is completed)
-7 Otocinculus Catfish
-3 Kuhli Loaches
-5 assassin snails
-5 Nerite Snails
-2 Amano Shrimp
-2 Rainbow shrimp

No animal losses so far

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It's 2022. You have the means not to torture animals in your care with ammonia and nitrite. Yet you chose to do so anyway and advertise it on the world's largest repository of planted tank information.

Guess it's fitting that you tried to obscure your IP address and identity while doing so.

Unfortunately, you'll need to take your story elsewhere. Trolling isn't permitted.
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