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Fish Id please....

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I just bought this fish the other day, i know its a whiptail catfish but im not sure what type. If anybody could help that would be great.......


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try Planet Catfish :: Welcome! There's a lot of info on catfish there, I'm not a member but I stumbled in there one day.
'Tis a Farlowella to me.:smile: Nice fish.:smile:
Looks like a Farrowella to me, too.

if it's a farlowella, it is a super young one. they generally have way longer "snouts". possibly, it's a giant whiptail cat. they have similar "facial" features without the long snout of a farlowella.
Thanks for the responses.....i think i found out what it is......
PlanetCatfish :: Cat-eLog :: Loricariidae :: Sturisoma panamense
its very young and small, i got it from my lfs who found a good breeder in San Diego. Its only an inch and a half......
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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