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Fish ID help

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I was hoping someone could help with this. A few months back by dad found some fish in his pond that he didn't recognize. He didn't buy them and they just kind of appeared out of nowhere. Originally there were 5 of them but now it's down to 2. (Two of them died and one accidentally got rehomed with two koi that got too big for the pond) My dad does mind them but since I was over yesterday for mother's day I took a picture so we could hopefully figure out what they are.

Here is the picture:

The fish in question are the two dark ones. I don't know if it's good enough of a look at them to identify, but any help would be appreciated. I mainly just want to make sure there won't be any problems with the fish being there. The red one there is a comet, my dad just bought some a little over a week ago.
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Hard to tell from your pics, but, coming from PA and playing in the local "cricks" from Montgomery, Bucks, and Lehigh Counties, they look like sucker fish. (horse head, yellow mouth, etc) If they are, they are harmless, keep to themselves-bottom feeders. Considered "trash fish" to PA Trout Fisher-people, but I always liked them.

Can you get some side shots of them out of the water or in a specimen container?
I'll see what I can do next time I'm over there. They only have the pond so I'm not sure what I can do for a side shot. I'm pretty sure whatever they are they are peaceful, they don't bother the comets at all or anything like that. I meant more along the line of issues with them getting too big or anything like that.
It's hard to determine what they are without clear shots of the subjects in question... Without a clear shot, accurate information is few and far between.
Interested in what these are as well, better pics please!

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I used photoshop to zoom in on them, they look like common carp which are well know for showing up in bodies of water because their eggs get attached to ducks feet, and then introduce them to new waters.

We have 2 big ponds where I live, and carp have showed up in both of them, without "stocking" them in the ponds.
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