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Fish ID help and advice on min school size

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40 gal breeder that's a little overstocked. Need to reduce load and would like to remove some, but not all of these guys, who I've apparently been mis-naming high-fin tetras.

Questions are:

1. What are they?

2. What is the minimum school size? This is the most likely school to be re-homed, but would like to keep one of these that's become a family favorite.

Any thoughts helpful!




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Never heard of them, but the minimum school size for most small schoolers is 5ish. For something timid, at least 7 is pretty good.

pH is 7.6 - 7.8.

See this post for details on tank conditions:

Best advice I've had on pH is to keep it constant. Our tap water is 7.2 but the tank has been 7.6 to 7.8 for months. I actually don't notice any variation in the pH. It's just that it always registers lowest on the high range pH and highest on the normal pH test.

Thanks for the ID! These fish appear to be thriving despite being out of their pH range. They're growing, color is good and has developed.

The issue leading to this is high ammonia (was 1.0 and now is consistently about 0.25) and high nitrate (was 40ppm, possibly higher, now is consistently 20-30ppm.)

Still considering reducing fish population, but frankly would rather not.

Complete details on this issue are in this thread:

Present issue is on 2nd page.

THIS FORUM IS GREAT! Thanks for all of your help!
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