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I have a juvenile kribensis and he wa recently attacked by one of the the other young kribensis. His fins were nipped and his tail was so hard he can hardly swim. I moved him into a baby net and today I noticed there is white fuzz on his tail. It looks like the stuff the grows on a fish after it dies. What is it? What do I do? Is there some kind of medicine I can give it? Please help!!
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First lets get some parameters. Water change sch? Current parameters? What meds do you have on hand? What size is the tank? How long have you have the fish?
Water parameters: Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 20ppm pH: 6.5
I change about 35% each week with tap and RO water mixed
Tank is 60 gallon and I have had it almost 6 months. I have ha the kribensis for about 1 week now.
Some medicine I have: API T.C. Tetracycline, Tetra Lifegaurd, Fenbenazole powder, Quick Cure, Pimafix, and The fishkeeper natures disease remedy and immunizing treatment.
Will any of these work? Thanks!
My guess would be fungus. I he same fungus that grows on uneaten food or plant matter. It eats dead or decaying tissues. If the damage on the tail was extensive, could be it.. Could also be a form of fin rot, which can look like a fish has been pecked at because it cause fraying of the fins. It's hard to tell without photos, but those are some possibilities.. I wouldn't suggest the next step without knowing tank mates, etc because dosing with certain meds can harm fish and inverts. If you have a quarantine tank, I would get that set up and separate the sick krib from other fish.

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It can be one of 2 things, Columnaris (pray it's not) or body fungus.

Here is the link for body fungus:

Columnaris: This is the treatment I used, I only managed to save a couple Ottos.

Another link with pictures of columnaris:

Take a look at both pictures, best course of action if its body fungus is to keep the water EXTREMELY clean. Like doing 2 50% each week. I cured beginning of body/tail fungus on a ram, by using a little aquarium salt and doing water changes every three days. you'll most likely need to medicate. I would use the tetracycline, but I am not sure it should be used in a planted tank, I would move the little guy to your Quarantine tank to treat. You might kill a few plants, treating the whole tank. I would read on the box about whether it will kill your cycle and having to recycle your tank. You have a lot of sensitive fish in your tank to be dumping meds in there.
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Thank you for all the responses. He has it really bad and he cant swim. He is sitting at the bottom of the tank hardly breathing. I don't think he will be able to go through medicine or live even a few more days. :( What would be the best way to put him down? He is just getting worse by the hour and he's miserable. I think the right think to do would be to euthanize him.
There are a few ways to euthanize, the most humane is to sever the spinal column. Some will recommend a bath in high grain alcohol or ice water. All are affective and more humane then letting an animal suffer.

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I would recommend a quarantine tank next time you purchase any new fish. As the other poster noted, this could have been a case of columnaris, which would wipe out your entire tank, and would require a complete breakdown of your tank and a fresh start from scratch. It's always better to take the extra time to be safe rather than sorry.

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I have a quarantine tank. Just isn't set up right now. Even if I did put the fish in there I don't think he would survive.
Lets hope no one else shows fuzz, Colmnaris is a complete tank break down. Like you throw EVERYTHING away. Its really hard to kill. I bleached out everything and let it sit/sun bake for 2 months just to be sure. Its now fun and I lost over 30 fish! Always Q your fish if you ask me! Its not worth it, not to.
I would let it go. I find my success is often very limited. While it is a shame to let one go, it is even more pain when I throw several dollars worth of meds and still just prolong the pain. There really is a time to make the tough decisions for the fish we keep.
I suspect the pain involved is not much worth than the pain involved in being in a net so I just simply wrap the fish in a towel and give it a hard rap on the concrete. The quicker the better.
I've seen fish with zero fins recover. Big water changes and melafix helped a lot. He might be really stressed from the ordeal and that is why he is hovering around the bottom. Get him into a QT tank if you can and see if he returns.

I personally don't think fish have the same pain receptors that people think they do. After all I've seen fish with darn near half a side missing and didn't seem too affected by it. If a human/mammal lost that much body they'd be in shock and most likely die. Fish are different when it comes to damage and pain. I'd give it a fair shot at recover. You never know.
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