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I have 2 adult Angels (freshwater) and a Clown Loach for sale.

I'm selling the Angels separately, but you can take them both if you want for $30.

Note: It would be best for each of these fish go to a 55 tank, or bigger, as they need plenty of room. Also, the Angels can be territorial when laying eggs - I had them in a 29gal community and they took over the tank in no time.

1 Clown Loach - M/F (?) about 3 - 3.5in. Will grow larger. Has excellent coloration and has never been sick. Gets along with all fish, but loves to hang with Swordtails. Is timid and shy and likes to "spy" on things. Note: Very sensitive to changes in water parameters and temps. $12 (Sorry, no pic yet)

1 Silver Angel - Female - Very big, maybe 7inches (or more) top to bottom. Can be dominant/territorial when laying her eggs (but she's not vicious, she just protects her "space"), lays eggs every 2 weeks or so. -$20

1 Black Marble Veil - M/F(?) Very peaceful and slightly timid. This Angel is large also, but is unable to breed. The pectoral fins have grown together somehow, which is good if you don't want to deal with fry. -$15
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