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Fish Flicking! Fungus?

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Hi-- So Ive had a bit of a saga trying to figure out what ails my fish. Ive treated with Prazipro, Erythromycin, and changed my blackworm culture.

Ive added sachem Purigen recently. My loaches are totally unaffected, but my scary badis still seem to be.
Rarely they have gotten whitish raised lesion looking things, but not always. Sometimes some bloat is associated o the fish that eventually have died...

Now, they are seemingly ok, but behaving a bit more secretively, eating less vigorously, and the male paces a lot.

I have a small female that is now flicking a lot, rarely I see others flicking also, but she just was severely. I really want to help them but cant figure it out. I have no nitrate or ammonia issues.

I'm wondering if I should do a tea tree oil treatment, as a last resort. Can a fish that has zero visible symptoms have a fungus? and could that be making it flick?

thank you!!