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Fish Etc Aquatic Plants 4 Sale

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Fish Etc at West Covina has some aquatic plants:

L. Aromatica $4
L. Arcuata $4
L. Cardinals Small Form $4
Ammania Gracilis $4
Java Fern Species $5
Anubias barteri/nana $6 -$5
Reineckii rosefilia $4
HM $4
M. Umbrosum $4
Amazon Sword $4
L. Inclinata

JBJ Regultor
FLourite red $25
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im working on this shop so youll be having a great quality plants, 100% Guarantee, next week will be having some Downoi, Rotala Green, L. Cuba and more
Fish Etc
19062 La Puente Rd
West Covina, CA 91792
(626) 810-6768
wow i didn't expect there is a lot of Aquatic Gardeners around West Covina area, almost all the plants we have are sold out,especially those low light plants with the great response were gonna order more plants.

we are now starting to sale:
JBJ Regulator $120
JBJ Co2 glass diffuser $18
Seachem Flourite $24.99
All Bunched Plants $4
All Potted Plants $5

We also do special order for 3 way manifold and bubble counter.

We are at the front of Nogales Highschool.
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i let you know tom., where going at JBJ and buy some JBJ Nano
Great News for SCAPE and Aquatic Gardeners around the Area (West Covina), New Shipment of Plants has just arrived:

Ludwigia Inclinata $4
Ludwigia Arcuata $4
Limpnophilia Aromatica $4
Pogostemon Stellata $4
Lobelia Cardinals $4
Dwarf Hairgrass $5.45
Reinecki rosefilia $4
Sagitaria Pussilus $4
Ammana Gracilis $4
HM $4
M. Umbrosum $4
Lilaeopsis Novaezealandiae $4

and ofcourse the Bread and Butter:
Anubias species $5-6
Java Fern species $5
Amazon Sword $4
Jungle Val $4

We are the only Fish Store around the area who sell large selection of plants and ofcourse lower price

JBJ Regultor is $120, Glass Diffuser is $18, 3 way manifold pls PM me for price

19062 La Puente Rd.
West Covina, CA 91792
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Wow that's great. I'm not too far from there. Do you have any Aquasoil? I need to dark color one and also need a TON of Black Rocks for my 180 tank. About 4-5 25lb bags minimum!! PM me if you can help!
I've been to Fish Etc... great store... Cooper is a great guy to do business with too.

thanks socal, i will really appreciate if you gonna leave some comments on our new website

LGHT - what kind of rocks, we can do a special order for you

No shrimp for the moment
i think we only have Lava Rocks, but we are working on that. Right now we have Malaysian Driftwood, African Driftwood and lava rock for hardscape, were also planning to get Manzanita and some other rocks.
Fish Etc is closed up to February 28, 2007 because we are remodeling the shop, we are adding more tanks for more fish, and now we will concentrate on buying more plants and not just the bread and butter plants that you always see on other LFS, but we gona have those Rare, exotic and hard to find plants like HC, downoi and etc... . So right now we are preparing 3 x60 Gallons for just aquatic plants. Oh we also gonna have a special tank for Tonina Species and those plants that needs low Gh... So see you soon guys "We are the only LFS here at SGV that has a large selection of Aquatic Plants, i guarantee it"
Please let us know when you open again, Thanks:)
We got some Balloon Ram Availble $3.50 each
Wasap coop Im the guy that was at the store looking for the milwakee reg and requested the co2 tubing and bought all the ferts. let us know when you get some more plants in.
sure thing
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