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okay i have done alot of research on this topic but i want one single answer to my question, HOW MANY FISH CAN I KEEP? ever website i go to give me these annoying formulas and spec sheets i just want an experienced persons advice. so here are my specs and factors that play into my tank.
20g tank
2x java fern
2x bananq plant
1x hornwart
5x danio
1x albino cory
2x painted platy
3x amano shrimp
gravel substrate
2x rainbow rock arches
3x glass jars for show
1x aquaclear 30g filter
1x 100 watt heater
so i know that since i have a bigger filter than tank and four bottom feeders my tank will stay clean with more fish.
i know that the fish i have all occupy different levels of the tank and that half of the fish are slim bodied it is also lightly planted and has good water agitation.
so give it to me straight, here are some fish i want to add and tell me if i can put them in
1x dwarf gourami
1x platy
2x albino cory
3x cherry barb
1x red fin shark
1x small angelfish
i know i cant have all of these but tell me which ones i can have.
thankyou soo much and all advice is a huge help.:icon_cool

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My advice would be not to try and cram the maximum amount of fish into your tank.

Not only does a large number of fish equate to a large amount of ammonia production and detritus buildup, but it also looks strange. Particularly when they are all different sorts of species in a small tank.

Some of the fish you listed warrant some special consideration.

Corydoras are schooling fish and will likely feel more secure in a group of 5 or more. (The more the merrier.)

Redfin sharks can grow 6" long and are really too large for a 20 gallon aquarium (some will disagree).

Angels are also decent sized fish, as well as being very tall. If your 20g tank is a 20 "high" then you're probably ok. If it's a 20g "long", then the water column is really too shallow for angels. I don't know of any "small" angel species. Any small angel I have ever known eventually became a full sized angel.

The dwarf gouramis are a good choice. They're small enough not too look goofy in a small tank, and are quite interesting and hardy fish. You could keep 1 as you suggested, or a male and female pair.

Cherry barbs are great fish, but as with the corys, are schooling fish and would really appreciate a group of 5 or more.

I would suggest nixing the larger fish and keeping 1-2 schools of the smaller fish.

You could easily run a school of corydoras (5-7) with a school of non bottom dwellers like the barbs (maybe as many as 10).

Of course, you can play with these numbers some if you wanted one school to be larger or smaller. A single species tank looks good too, and allows you to have one school of pretty good size, such as 10 corys, or 10-12 cherry barbs.

Some people will tell you your tank can hold more, but if we want to be responsible owners, we shouldn't keep our fish in crowded prison conditions in my opinion.

Obviously you would have to take into account the fish you already have. My guidelines are for total stocking.
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