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First try at plants

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Well i have a 55 gallon currently with nothing in it. It is fully cycled and is going to be a fancy goldfish tank i am thinking 2 orandas, 1 ryukin, and 1 black moore. But I need some help with plants! I am thinking about keeping some anachris and java moss because i have heard its easy to keep and grows fast!. But I am also in the market for a new 48 inch light fixture any recommendations on something under 60 dollars? I have heard I should try to get a light that puts out 110 watts is that correct? Thanks for all and any replys.
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Some of the plants that shhh recommended are low light plants that do not require CO2. Goldfish can be tough on plants and substrates ( uprooting plants). Buy a cheap LED strip light - 48 inch for your 55G- You should be able to find one in your price range on the net. Good luck
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