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First Timer

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Hello -

This is my first time posting, however I have been reading and enjoying this site for a few months. Attached are some images of my Marineland Contour 3g. Some of the LEDs have "died" however Marineland has responded and is sending a replacement - yet to arrive though I'm sure it will. As such I've kept a small table lamp next to the 'weak' side of the tank. Grew up with freshwater tanks my entire life, but this is my first attempt with a planted tank, so I thought I'd start with a nano. Similarly I decided to keep hearty fish that tend to do well in tough conditions while I get the hang of it. As you can tell I decided to overcrowd plants and keep the fish to a minimum. The theme has been to create an underwater jungle. Thus far the fish are holding up very well in addition to lots of new growth from the plants. These pics are of the tank at approximately 2.5 months.

I'm thinking a Fluval Spec V next as I like the narrow tank and the opportunity it creates for an underwater "stream".

Any insight / thoughts is greatly appreciated, as I want to keep improving.:nerd: