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First Timer Planted Tank

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I started a ten gallon planted tank back in April of this year. It has been doing pretty well, all plants are growing great but every time I do a water change/vacuum my tank gets cloudy and a white film covers everything for about 2 days. It also, seems to be hard for my fish to breath.

I do not stir the gravel in the tank with the vacuum, I only hover over the top. I change out 4 gallons every weekend. I always check my water parameters before and after the water change, everything is ideal levels.

What is the correct way to clean a planted tank or is there more issues than I think?

This is my first ever full planted tank. I have had 20 gallon and 55 gallon tanks in the past that were all artificial plants with no problems.
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I am using eco-complete gravel. I rinsed it very well before using it. I read some where that I may have too much organic material which could be causing a bacteria bloom after my water changes. But I have no idea on how to correct that.
Its bacteria bloom, have you checked your tap water ammonia? Water change may be causing ammonia spike. Also try skipping water change one week if the water parameters allow.
I have not tested the tap water it self. I usually fill a 5 gallon bucket the night before the water change and add tap water conditioner to it. I will test the tap water itself this week.
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