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First time Crypt grower....does my Nurii look normal? UPDATED PIC 1/12

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I received the crypt about 3-4 weeks ago and it finally started to grow. Couple leaves melted when I first put it in but now it's growing strong. I pump a ton of co2 and light in this tank so not sure if this is the way it's supposed to look when healthy.

That's not algae on the leaves by the just looks like it in the pic but that's the pigment of the leaves.

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That doesn't look so good. You better box it up and send it to me :)
Aside from the above, it looks bloody fantastic.
Now, surrender to me your Nurii :p
Your Crypt looks amazing! Keep up the conditions.
i think your nurii is sick... luckily for you i'm a crypt doctor and i have a special care unit all ready for your plant! :)
One of my favorite Crypts.

Yes, they look normal. All Crypts are heavy root feeders, I feel to look EXCEPTIONAL, they need their roots in high quality MTS.
That soil is brand new ADA Africana capped with Amazonia...I over did it with the substrate since it's about 3.5 inches thick in my 60-P.

Judging by the comments the Nurii is supposed to look like this so I'm pretty happy being that this is a fairly rare plant. haha
Older pic from my tank, C. Nurii in grown in MTS:

Not saying ADA substrate is bad, just I think for crypts Mts is a better option.
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Older pic from my tank, C. Nurii in grown in MTS:

That looks nice...maybe I should start adding more iron to get the red leaves.
Here is a cool comparison pic from 1 week of growth. You can see that the leaf in the middle is getting larger.

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Fe is part of the answer. I believe MTS works because of the balance of all minerals, organics, bacteria etc., etc. there's a symbiosis to it that I don't feel one can achieve by just adding parts.

But, then again I still believe in Santa Clause :smile:
looks good to me!
I want one now! lol
Sorry but what is MTS?
I believe it stands for Mineralized Top Soil.

looks good to me!
I want one now! lol
Once it takes off I'll send you a few plantlets. The first pic I posted shows some small ones that I ripped off my mother plant...they are towards the front of my tank.
I can't wait to get this plant, I have an order of ten coming! YEAH!!!
1 month update:

So shortly after my previous pictures, the Nurii started to melt on me for some reason. I probably lost about 10 leaves but it seems to have stabilized and is growing pretty nicely. I think the original melt from the "new tank syndrome" lasted a good 4-5 weeks. It's amazing how slow this plant grows. All my stemmed plants get a weekly trim but the crypt seems to be staying the same size. My mistake was planting it all the way in the corner and then putting stems in front of it. I cannot wait until it finally fills in the entire corner!

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What is you water PH & Temp? How long is your photo period.
Is your water soft? It might need a little Mg.
Oh I really like this crypt, nice leaf color.
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