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First tank trouble using Fluval Stratum

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I am just setting up my first planted tank and bought the Fluval Flora kit. This is what my tank looked like after filling having rinsed the Fluval Stratum!

Three days later it's settled a bit but any disturbance picks up a lot of dust. The filter is also making an awful whirring noise. I'm not off to a great start.

Any tips on whether I should re-rinse the substrate or try a different brand?
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You can rinse it again in the tank. Drain what is there, stirring the substrate to make as much mess as possible.
Then start draining. Pull the substrate away from a corner and stick the siphon in that corner. This will pull out more of the fines that are clouding the water.
Partially refill, deliberately splashing in the water to make more mess, and drain again.
You may want to repeat until the water is draining a lot clearer.

The last fill, do this way:
Put a plate or plastic bag over the substrate and run the water in very slowly, allowing it to seep over the edges of the bag.

Do you have the hardscape materials? Driftwood, rock...
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