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First Tank - High Temperature (Please Help)

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Could you please offer some advice?

I’ve just finished setting up my first planted tank. The tank is 100g (450 litres) and the only way to fill it was slowly using a hose pipe. The trouble is the water was coming out at 38.5 °C. It’s middle of summer here in Dubai and even our cold tap comes out very hot. This is as cool as I could get it.

Tank was filled at 3am. By 8am it was down to 32.5 °C. I am hoping that in another 4 to 5 hours it will be at around 27 °C (my ideal temp).

My question is, have I caused permanent damage to the plants due to this high temperature? They appear to have wilted slightly.

I have read that newly planted plants can take some time to become accustomed to their new environment and because of this they can initially wilt and change colour. Has this happened or is the problem caused by the high temp?

Thank you.
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I have little fans pointing to the water surface, when it is too hot I turn them on and they really cool down the tanks. The downer is the evaporation, it's a lot, I thought I had a leak.

Thanks but the room is permanently air conditioned at between 20 to 25 °C.

Therefore once I get the water temperature down low enough I will have a full time heater running to maintain 26 or 27 °C.

I am really just worried if the short term exposure of hot water has caused serious damage to the plants.

That's interesting about the evaporation though, i'll have to keep an eye on that.
if you really want to get the temp down fast throw some ice cube in the tank when you fill it. I don't see the harm in ice cube.
Only time will tell whether the high temp will kill them. Did you use any water conditioner?

Yes, I added 50ml of JBL Biotopol Plus for 400 litres of water.

What is the normal behaviour of potted plants after 1 day in a new tank? Would you expect them to wither and change colour slightly?
They aren't going to die immediately. They'll make a recovery I'm sure. In the future if you have to want to be really safe you could fill up the water in buckets with ice and then put that in the tank, or have ice ready in the tank as you fill it up. It doesn't necessarily have to be straight ice that melts into the tank - it could be plastic bags filled with frozen water.
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