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First Tank greater than 10 gallons, advice needed on set up

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Hey Everyone!

I have been creeping around the forums now for quite awhile... really ever since My husband and I set up our first 5 gallon betta tank and I have been dreaming of more ever since. Finally my husband caved and we went for a larger set-up. I thought this was an appropriate time to register to the site and take advantage of some of the wonderful insight on this forum.

We had previously been looking for our best kit option but finally settled on taking the leap and putting things together ourselves. I would really like to go low tech planted as I have no experience with CO2 and not yet ready to delve into that (maybe in the future but not for starters). Currently we have collected a marineland 29 gallon tank, Fluval U3 internal filter, heater, eco complete substrate and some carib sea sand I plan to layer on top. What we are stuck on is lighting... I'm not great with DIY and my husband doesn't have the time right now to make something for me so we have been looking at lighting fixtures that might do the trick and will be affordable for us (think <$150). I had been reading into the finnex fugeray lighting and it seems like a decent solution but not easily available in Canada. I found a listing for a 30" finnex planted+ on Amazon that will ship here for $111 after tax and duty, what is everyone thoughts on that? Is that a decent option, anyone have experience with this light, any affordable alternatives?

I would greatly appreciate any advice on this topic. Also, any input on what else may be beneficial to this set up would be great. I read the sticky on setting up a new tank and it was super informative and I am eager to get my fishless cycle going! :icon_surp

Thanks Everyone!
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Planted plus will be great for a 29. Youll have low/medium light. I have a ray2 and planted+ on my 29.

I would highly recommend going pressurized co2. Its not difficult like everyone makes it seem like. Its just more money. Itll cost around $150 for a setup

Can you recommend a CO2 set up? I'm in exactly the position of the OP; don't want to mess with it, but if it's not as difficult as some make it sound, I might change my mind.

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