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First tank and this, first scape. Thoughts?

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EDIT: My typo in the title really bothers me...

Crappy Pictures

So I'm nearing the point where I can actually put water in this thing and I wanted to get some thoughts on the scape.

We're dealing with a standard 5.5g aquarium to be a shrimp only tank. I took the top rim off (thus the silicone mess around the corners... feel like I can't take any more off without compromising integrity) and painted the back black. Substrate is black diamond blasting sand, rocks are ohko/dragon stone, and a piece of spiderwood.

The second picture is just a top-down of the first. The third is largely the same as the first, just some small adjustments. I'll be playing around with this some more when I get the time, but I think this is the general shape I am happy with. If you have any thoughts on how to position things I would love to hear it.

My other question is in regards to flora. Lighting will be a 16" Finnex Stingray and I don't intend to use pressurized CO2, though I will be using Excel, root tabs, and fertilizing with some Thrive AIO liquid fertilizer. I was thinking a Monte Carlo carpet with some Hydrocotyle Tripartita 'Japan' tangled in the driftwood. Lastly some small stems or something in the spaces between the wood and rocks, not sure what yet though.

Anyways... thoughts?
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looks like a good start so far!
Nice combo ;)
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